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San Bernardino Chicano Latino Caucus


High Desert Progressive Democrats


IE United


San Bernardino County Democratic Party 

shot of victorville residence

“Kareema is a progressive champion. I trust her to put the needs of our residents first and work to build a more inclusive Victorville. On Nov. 3rd, I will be voting for Kareema Abdul-Khabir for Victorville City Council, and I hope you will join me.”

Caleb Castaneda

VVUHSD School Board

“Kareema will actively work for the people to achieve positive progressive change in Victorville.”

Patrice Copeland

TREASURER with High Desert Progressive Democrats

“I believe in Kareema, 100%!”

Deborah Dunaway

elected member, San Bernardino County Democratic Party Central Committee

“Ready for progress in the high desert, Vote Kareema..”

Meredith Hergenrader

Retired High school Math Chair

shot of victorville residence

“Kareema is intelligent, well-spoken, and most importantly of all, she cares about the people of this city. I was never much for local politics, but I support her and her leadership during these times of crises.”

Fatima Abdul-Khabir

Researcher, Berkeley Labs

“Kareema is a community leader with her attention on the heart’s of humans. She is just and caring for all.”

Holly Purser


Kareema 4 Victorville City Council